Take the guesswork out of growing.

Developed by horticultural experts in the lush Pacific Northwest, GROBASICS offers a trio of powerful liquid fertilizers that supplement plants’ full growing cycle. Ideal for indoor, outdoor, soil, or hydroponic gardens, GROBASICS products are compatible with most other fertilizers.

Designed for young plants, GROW is packed with macronutrients to help boost early growth, strengthen roots, and resist natural diseases.

Boosting flower growth across the blooming cycle, BLOOM helps stimulate root growth and canopy density so plants can develop bigger, heartier yields.

Loaded with micronutrients and microbial elements, nitrogen-rich MICRO supports growth and speeds flower maturation through a plant’s entire life cycle.

GROBASICS 3-Part Kit is a specially designed system for growing plants that combines GROW, BLOOM, and MICRO. The 3-Part Kit provides your garden with a proven formula of ideally blended nutrients, microbial elements, and natural extracts that serves its full growth cycle.